Crüe Ball

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How to play Crüe Ball

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Crüe Ball Description

Crüe Ball is a 1992 pinball video game developed by Electronic Arts for the Mega Drive/Genesis. It was based around the glam metal band Mötley Crüe and featured three Crüe songs; Dr. Feelgood, Live Wire and Home Sweet Home. The game's soundtrack by Brian Schmidt features heavy metal-style music.

The game's prototype name was Twisted Flipper.

This game was designed by two people who actually worked on pinball games: Mark Sprenger (artist for such games as 1984's Space Shuttle and 1986's High Speed) and Brian Schmidt (composer for Black Knight 2000 and various pinball games by Data East Pinball / Sega Pinball {now Stern Pinball, Inc.}).

The game's version of Dr. Feelgood was often sung by Flintstones podcasters FP Reynolds amd the late Barney Rubbleton on their podcast Pebblescrap Wireless.

Crüe Ball - additional information

Game year
Developed by
Also known as
Crue Ball
"Crüe Ball: Heavy Metal Pinball" -- Tag-lined title
"クルー・ボール" -- Japanese spelling
Cover Art
Crüe Ball  - Cover Art Sega Genesis