Fatal Labyrinth

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How to play Fatal Labyrinth

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Fatal Labyrinth Description

Fatal Labyrinth is the title of a role-playing video game produced by Sega of America for its own Sega Genesis system in 1991. In the single player game you start off as a young, brave and weak hero that has agreed to enter a forbidden labyrinth, battle various monsters and make your way up to the 30th floor where an evil dragon has stolen the holy goblet.

The game starts out in a small town where you can speak with some of the local residents, for advice, before you venture into the labyrinth. As was the case with most role playing games you started out with no weaponds, and a low level of stregth and hit points. As you explored each level of the labyrinth you found typical weaponds (i.e. axes, knives, swords, etc.) and magical scrolls (that shot fire) to battle the odd assortment of monsters that randomly lerked inside the labyrinth.

You use an inventory screen to equip, or throw away the weaponds, armor and scrolls that you collect. You can also could find found food items that increased your health, but if you eat too much food your character would start to slow down and further acts of glutty result in your death.

The game had no bosses to speak of, other the final dragon boss, and if you died you had the frustrating option to restart the game from the begining. After you defeat the dragon and reclaim the goblet you fly back to the village and get speak to the various villagers who offer various praises and congradulations for your efforts.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Fatal Labyrinth

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Fatal Labyrinth - additional information

Game year
Also known as
"LABYRINTH OF DEATH 死の迷宮" -- Japanese spelling
"Labyrinth of Death: Shi no Meikyū" -- Japanese title
Fatal Labyrinth - Cover Art Sega Genesis