Kid Chameleon

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How to play Kid Chameleon

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Kid Chameleon Description

Kid Chameleon is a video game released for the Mega Drive/Genesis. The premise of the game is that the main character "Kid Chameleon" can use masks to change into different characters in order to use different abilities. It is a platform game.

Two series of comics based on the game were featured in Sonic the Comic.

A new VR arcade game arrived in town and every kid played it. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until kids began to disappear. The game's boss, Heady Metal, had freed himself from his scripted AI and was using his new freedom to kidnap every kid who could not beat the game, which was all of them—until now! Kid Chameleon enters the game and must defeat every level, every boss and Heavy Metal himself if he wants to save the others.

The player, as Kid Chameleon, progresses through a series of levels. Most levels contain a flag, which is the primary goal of each level, from which the player progresses to the next level. However, a number of teleporters throughout the game can warp the player not only to different places in the same level, but also to different levels, and sometimes to an entirely different path through the game. At the end of the game, Kid fights and defeats the final boss, Heady Metal. Kid Chameleon contains nearly a hundred levels, of which only about half are on the "main path" (traversing levels only by flags), and also counts the two-dozen smaller unnamed levels, simply called "Elsewhere".

As Kid Chameleon moves through the game's levels, he gains access to masks that transform him into different characters. Each character has different special abilities and varying amounts of hit points. The sheer amount of variety in gameplay due to the various characters is part of what gave Kid Chameleon such an addicting style; few levels repeated the same structure and they usually had specific strategies and characters to be beaten[citation needed]. In addition to the offensive abilities of each form, the Kid could also defeat enemies by jumping on them, although he may take damage from some enemies by doing so.

Kid Chameleon - additional information

Game year
Also known as
"Chameleon Kid" -- Japanese title
"カメレオン キッド" -- Japanese spelling
Cover Art
Kid Chameleon - Cover Art Sega Genesis