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Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Zoom! is a puzzle game it features a 3D-like board the player moves around on. Up to two players may play simultaneously. The game has 6 stages with 6 levels in each stage. The levels feature a board with grid-lines on it that the player walks on. The lines are painted as the player walks on them. If the player paints all four edges of a square in the grid, the square flashes indicating it has been filled. All the squares must be filled to complete the level. The player controls a character who is constantly moving. Various monsters will appear in the levels. Some chase the player while others do other things such as erasing the lines the player has filled. The character can shoot a ball from the back which can knock monsters backwards upon being struck by it. Several items appear randomly in levels. Some of which simply add points while others may slow down monsters, render the player invincible, or even instantly clear the level.
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SEGA Genesis
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Zoom! - Cover Art Sega Genesis

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