Fields of Battle

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How to play Fields of Battle

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Fields of Battle Description

Fields of Battle is a tactical game in which the player controls either a Central Power or an Entente state and their African colonies in order to win World War I. The game takes place on a tactical map of Europe. This map is broken down into provinces, such as Berlin or Normandy. The player can select from several display modes in which the map displays province attributes such as terrain or economic power. Soldier movements are simple; they must be dragged to their destination with the mouse. The computer calculates the combat after each turn.

The game includes extensive online help that explains gameplay mechanics and provides historical context. One scenario, which begins in 1914, is included in the shareware version. The player gains access to additional scenarios and units after paying the registration fee. Field of Battle is available on Classic Reload for players to enjoy.

Fields of Battle - additional information

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