Frequently asked questions

What are these old games and where are they from?

All the games that are on ClassicReload are refered to/classified as Abandonware, these software titles are from the 80’s and 90’ and were developed for use with Operating Systems that have now become obselete. ClassicReload's mission is to conserve this software as many of these games have been completely lost in their original form that being on 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks, also CDROM Discs.

What computer do I need to run these games?

A modern Desktop PC or Laptop with one of these Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10+

Latest Linux Distributions: Ubuntu Desktop, Chrome OS, Firefox OS, Debian, Redhat, Fedora.

MAC OS 10.x+ with ability to have latest browsers installed.

May work but not supported:

A powerful smartphone with a quad core+ CPU and powerful GPU with the ability to use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

XBOX One console with keyboard and mouse.

What web browser do I need?

A modern Web browser either: Firefox (download) or Chrome (download) is recommended installing both these browsers as they both give different results, especially with new games, some work on Chrome and not Firefox and vice versa. does work on Edge browser,Safari and Opera, however we don't recommend these browsers as the performance can't compare to Firefox or Chrome.

Why do some games crash or run slow/non-responsive?

The games are emulated through Java from C++ code compiled using Emscripten, due to the nature of the Java platform, the more powerful your Computer/Laptop/Tablet or Phone is the better. Some games were released in the late 90’s need a CPU with a minimum Core i7 3rd Generation to have the games run at a decent speed/at all.

What happened to my favorite software/game, the page said it was removed due to DMCA claim?

The software was removed because the owners of the game have written to us and requested to have it removed. We comply with all legal requests in regards to DMCA claims.

How can I contribute to the site?

You can help others find games in our ForumDiscord or Facebook page. Sometimes people can’t remember the name of a game they played 20 -30 years ago, and all they have is a vague description. You can also contribute with paypal or donations of old software and hardware.

Are you a non-profit organization?

No. We have considered this, but then the whole site becomes one big charity case, and we didn’t want that. Most sites that are non-profit are begging all year round for money, threatening to close down. We are not going to put anyone through that.

Why was the site put up?

The founder of this site is a retro gamer himself that was tired of going to retro gaming sites that are plastered with advertising and other ways that you have to earn the right to play a game. This site has advertising yes… but we made sure that it was minimal, just to cover operating costs and work time.