System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements for games after 1993 and CDROM games.

CPU: Intel Core i7 3rd+ Generation

RAM: 8GB+ of RAM

OS: Windows 7+, MACOS 10.5+, Linux distributions latest versions.

Browser: (Latest versions) Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari

Minimum System Requirement for basic games from 1979 to 1992

CPU: Intel Atom,


OS: Windows 7+

Browser:  Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge


As of June 2017 all games work on an Intel Core i7 (3rd Gen) 3610QM / 2.3 GHz CPU with 8GB of RAM this why we set this as a minimum for 1993+.

Random selection of games and software.

DOS 1994
Windows 3.x 1991
Atari 2600 1990
DOS 1987
DOS 1994
DOS 1995
DOS 1995
DOS 1994