Amiga Information and FAQ

Amiga Emulation used on ClassicReload uses:

Scripted Amiga Emulator (SAE) a JavaScript version of (UAE).

Amiga emulation is less than satisfactory due the fact that we use the AROS Research Operating System ROM's for 68K CPU. The AROS is an effort to implement an Open Source and portable operating system that is compatible with AmigaOS.

Why do we not just original roms by Amiga?

Well for starters Amiga still develops portions of AmigaOS and due to this it is subject to licensing, which at this stage we have not been able to get an agreement to use it.

Other sites use the AmigaOS Roms though?

We follow all current laws and licensing, that is the only way ClassicReload can exist with its high reputation.

Games that use to Workbook (Work Bench relacement)

If a game boots to Workbook, you need to double click on the floppy disk icon to bring up the games program files, not it does take sometime for the content on the floppy to be displayed. Once it is displayed you can double click on the program icon to load the game.