Hired Guns

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How to play Hired Guns

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Hired Guns Description

The game used a system of four simultaneous Dungeon Master style first-person perspective viewpoint in the world. Each character was individually controllable and occupied their own square, unlike Dungeon Master where the entire party occupied the same square. Each character could be made to follow another character, simplifying large group movements when only one player was controlling the party. The gameplay was advanced for its time, allowing up to four players to play simultaneously, using mouse, keyboard or (modified) Sega Mega Drive joypad, with a parallel port adaptor allowing 4 joypads/joysticks to be used at once.

The game area was in real 3D, and monster/enemy AI had free movement around each level environment. Unlike in other games of that time, running from monster/enemy AI up some stairs meant they couldn't chase. An array of heavy weapons (including a robot sentry, similar to that seen in Aliens Special Edition), incendiary devices and mines could be used to take out the enemy (or friends!) either on the same level as the player or below. Players had to manage their inventory, too, as the amount of items to carry was limited. Also included were devices called "Psionic Amps" that could be used to create strange effects on the player or on the world around them — i.e. a Psionic Amp could be used underwater to create an area of air so the player could breathe.

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