Knights of Xentar

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Knights of Xentar is a humorous JRPG with eroge erotic content. The RPG system is completely different from that of the previous games in the Dragon Knight series. The player travels with a top-down view on the world map, visiting towns and dungeons (including Strawberry Fields and Phoenix from the first two games, Dragon Knight and Dragon Knight II respectively). The game's quest is nearly two times longer than the series' first episode.

The enemy encounters are random and the battles are displayed in a side-view style similar to other Japanese RPGs such as Final Fantasy. The battles are partially automated with the enemies and characters attacking each other in real-time. A battle can be paused at any time to cast a spell, use an item, or change attack style through a list of AI scripts. There are eight levels of attack strength, each with its advantages and disadvantages (for example, more powerful attack levels require more time).

The game features cartoonish cut scenes, many of which contain nude erotic images - the girls the main character encounters and helps will often feel grateful and award him with sexual favors. However, there are no explicit hardcore sex scenes in the game and the girls' genital areas are censored as in most eroge games.


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