Lady Bug

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How to play Lady Bug

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Lady Bug Description

Introducing a captivating action game that may remind you of Pac-Man in style, but offers a truly unique gameplay experience. In Lady Bug, players take control of a nimble ladybug as they navigate through a series of mazes, diligently collecting all the food pellet "x" scattered across each level. While maneuvering through the maze, players must contend with not only regular walls but also rotating doors that can be strategically used to trap enemies or make a quick escape. These rotating doors are the key to survival in this thrilling adventure.

At the center of each maze lies an enemy insect hive, continuously spawning new enemy creatures. With each lap made by the border surrounding the screen, a fresh enemy is brought into play. As players progress through the game, the speed at which new enemies appear increases, resulting in smarter, faster, and more rapidly spawning foes.

Apart from the main objective of collecting "x" pellets, each maze is adorned with various power-ups. These power-ups come in three types: Poison, Letters, and Hearts. Poison is a deadly substance that poses a threat to both the player and the enemy. Cleverly luring an enemy creature into a poison power-up will lead to its demise, removing it from the gameplay. Letters and hearts are power-ups that require careful timing. When collected at the right moment, they contribute to forming words that yield bonuses. However, collecting them at the wrong time will only grant a few points. Throughout most of the gameplay, power-ups (except for skulls) will appear in blue. However, they periodically cycle through yellow and red colors. Grabbing a letter during the color cycle adds it to the corresponding word. The red word is "SPECIAL," while the yellow word is "EXTRA." Successfully spelling "EXTRA" awards the player an extra life, while spelling "SPECIAL" initiates a special bonus round.

Hearts are most effective when collected as blue power-ups since they act as multipliers for the "x" pellets gathered. Initially functioning as 2x multipliers, they progress to 3x and eventually 5x. It's worth noting that multipliers are lost upon the player's demise, whereas letter power-ups remain unaffected.

To enjoy Lady Bug on Classic Reload, simply press 5 to insert credits or coins, press 1 to select, and use the arrow keys for movement. Perform actions using Alt or Ctrl. Embark on this exciting journey and prepare to be captivated by its unique gameplay mechanics!

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