Lord Avalot

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How to play Lord Avalot

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Lord Avalot Description

'Lord Avalot d'Argent' is a comedic graphic adventure game with a text parser. In the year 1179, on a small island of the coast of Wales, an evil Baron kidnaps the king's daughter. Since the best knight is unavailable, the king sends Lord Avalot d'Argent on a quest to rescue her instead.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Lord Avalot

Wake and stand up. Open the box in your room to take the extra money from it.

Leave the room and talk to Crapulus. He gives you the pilgrim's badge.

Leave your castle to the right and walk until you get to the pub. Enter it.

Give the pilgrim's badge to the monk. He gives you a habit in return.

Talk to the minstrel in the corner, so he tells you about his game. Play Nim. Use this combination to win: A1, B3, B1, C1, C1. He gives you his lute.

Buy wine from the bartender. Drink 5 times, buying anything but wine. Wake up and then stand up again. Now you got a key. Put the wine bottle into the box in your room.

Leave Argent walking always to the right. On the map, travel to Snotingeham. Walk trough the arch and enter the forest after walking trough the shore.

Play the shoot em' up. Now you have the crossbow.

Go back to the map. Travel to Caerdydd.

Give answers to the old man's questions. Enter the castle. Climb up the dais, then climb down immediately to dodge the arrow. Climb up again and take the pen.

Climb down, walk next to the door, then type 'jump' to jump up and take the arrow from the door.

Go to the map. Enter Argent, go back to your room. Open the box, to see if there's vinegar in it (transformed from the wine you left here earlier). If there is, take the vinegar. (Beware! Typing 'open' is not enough, after that you have to type 'take vinegar' to actually take the vinegar, not like at the beginning of the game where you had to simply open the box to take the money from it.)

Go back to the map. Travel to Norwic. Buy an onion from the trader and put it into the vinegar. (Type: 'put onion into vinegar'.)

Go back to Argent and go to the abbey. Go to the 'music room' where the monk is sleeping on the floor. Stand next to the harp and type 'play'. Play the following tune: WEWWERERTZTZUUIUZTRTZTREWWQWWQW.

Leave the room, enter Ayle's office. Give him the pen to get ink.

Go back to your castle. Go always to the left, then to the bottom until you find the mage. Give him the onion and then the ink.

Go back to the place where you met Robin Hood. Pick up the mushrooms (type: 'pick mushroom') and bring it back to Spludwick to get the potion.

Enter the map, travel to Bermingeham. Try to shoot the guard, type: 'shoot him'. He will take the crossbow and leaves.

Go back to Argent, to Spludwick's room. He won't be here. If he will, leave Argent, enter another location and come back to Argent 3 times. Then he will always be away. Stand inside the circle in the floor and type 'magic'. A ghost appears which will tell you the password to the gate. Type it in at the castle's gate, then enter.

Enter the cupboard (door) to the right. Take off your clothes (type: 'take off clothes'). Put on the habit (type: 'put on habit'), then leave the cupboard.

Enter the other door and walk until you meet du Lustie.

Enter the catacombs. Follow this path: down, left, up, up, left, up, left, up, left, down, left, left, left, up, up, right, down, right, up, up, right, right, right, up, left, left.

Enter the room at the center of the screen. Type the followings: 'give her the potion', 'talk to her'. Now she follows you.

Go back the same way you came. In du Lustie's room, give Geida the lute (type: 'give geida lute'). Leave the castle and go back to Argent. Talk to Spludwick. Go back to Arkata and give her the potion.

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