Shufflepuck Café

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How to play Shufflepuck Café

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Shufflepuck Café Description

Shufflepuck Cafe is a computer game simulation of air hockey developed by Domark. It was published by Ubi Soft (and later Brøderbund) in 1989, for the Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh, Amstrad CPC and DOS operating systems.

There are several game modes, where a single player can attain a tournament, competing against all the opponents who also visit the Cafe or player can also practise with each opponent, to find out his/her/its weakness in a single player match.

The game is controlled via the computers mouse. The bat on the playing field bounces a hockey puck between the player and the opponent. When one of the player manages to play the hockey puck past the opponents bat, the player scores. After a set number of points the match is over.

Shufflepuck Cafe includes eight opponents:

Skip Feeney: A male human in his early 20's. Has just started in shufflepuck and thus very nervous, making him easy to beat.
Visine Orb: A green-coloured alien with huge eyes, who is only about 1.5 metres tall. Plays similarly to Skip Feeney.
Vinnie the Dweeb: A veteran shufflepuck player who keeps his calm and is not easily surprised. His playing style is consistent and thus well learnt.
Lexan Smythe-Worthington: A lizard-like alien, a filthy rich playboy who gets 30,000 credits per year to keep away from his homeworld. He begins playing fiercely and hard to beat, but as play progresses, he sips his champagne, making him inebriated and less focused on the game, thus easier to beat.
The General: A pig-like alien who pretends to be a military general, although all he really is a militaristic gung-ho enthusiast. Recently divorced, he's addicted to shufflepuck, which he plays with fierceness and devotion.
Nerual Ttoille: A non-corporeal spiritual alien. Always keeps his cool and focuses on the game, making him very hard to beat.
Princess Bejin: A woman with spiritual powers. When it's her turn to serve the puck, she uses telekinesis to make it move in a seemingly impossible pattern.
Biff Raunch: The reigning champion. A tough, street-hardened biker dude who plays a mean game.
DC3: A robot waiter. DC3 serves as a training partner, who can be customized to be as easy or as difficult as the player wishes. He does not play in the main championship.

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Shufflepuck Café - additional information

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"シャッフルパック カフェ" -- Japanese spelling