Math Rabbit

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How to play Math Rabbit

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Math Rabbit Description

Math Rabbit is an educational game for ages 5-7. Included are four games which are designed to help build math skills. The games are:

Clowns' Counting Games - a number counting game; there are three variations of increasing difficulty included. In these games the player needs to count the numbers from 1 to 8 which are presented by Math Rabbit. After successfully counting all of the numbers presented, a tune will be played.

Tightrope Game - the player needs to help Math Rabbit practice walking the tightrope by matching numbers and objects. Four levels of difficulty are included. The player needs to match an object presented by Math Rabbit; a correct match should be put on the shelf or an incorrect match should be allowed to fall into the water barrel below. Addition, subtraction, greater than, less than, and other problems are available depending on the difficulty. The game can also be customized.

Circus Train Game - the player needs to load the circus train with numbers that are either bigger or smaller by the specified amount. Math Rabbit will present an addition or subtraction problem; A number of elephants pass by, each with different numbers and the player needs to select the appropriate number to add to the train. The game can also be customized.

Mystery Matching Game - a memory style matching game. A series of cards are shown to the player who needs to match like cards together. Four difficulty levels are included; depending on the difficulty just numbers are shown or addition and subtraction problems are shown. This game can also be customized.
In addition to the game itself, the instruction manual also includes suggestions for additional activities. This includes identifying and coloring in the manuals over sized page numbers, connect the dots pictures, and a domino's math game.

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