M.C. Kids

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How to play M.C. Kids

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

M.C. Kids Description

M.C. Kids is the title of a video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Virgin Games in 1992. The game is loosely based on the McDonalds fast food franchise and features to two teenagers on a quest to save the magical McDonald land that is in danger because the Hamburglar stole Ronald McDonald's magical bag. The game was called McDonald Land in Europe and was also released for the PC and Amiga DOS.

In the single player or two-player similutanious model, their are two youth to control, with no difference between then other then one of the youth is white and the other is an African American. As the game begins, Ronald McDonald explains that his magical bag of tricks was stolen by the Hamburglar and it is open to the these two youth to venture through the various worlds in order to

The game format is similar to Super Mario Brothers 3 in that their are seven different worlds to explore, and each world has various levels, with each world featuring a McDonald land character that asks you to complete a specific task. Each world has a dozen or more side-scrolling levels where the characters can pick up blocks to toss at enemies, collect a certain number of Ronald McDonald magical cards hidden throughout the world, along with McDonald's golden arches icons for points.

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