MegaRace (demo)

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How to play MegaRace (demo)

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

MegaRace (demo) Description

MegaRace takes place in the distant future, where you are a contestant on a game show, called "MegaRace". MegaRace is on the VWBT (Virtual World Broadcast Television) television channel where they play a live or death race match against Hell's Angels-like speed gangs. MegaRace's host is the eccentric Lance Boyle (played by Christian Erickson). He guides you through out the game, introducing new level and enemies to you and tries to discourage you. In Lance's own words:

"Do you ever wonder what it's like to race a real high-performance sports car? You know, like the ones those punk speed-gangs drive on the freeways? Those guys really think they rule the road, right? I mean, where do they get off imtimidating law-abiding citizens and tax-payers? You know what I mean? And you know something else, you are absolutely right!"

"So you say, 'Somebody outta DO something about them criminal highway gangs!' And VWBT says, 'Oh yeah?! Well, why don't YOU do something, mister big-mouth!'. You don't have the car? We'll give you the car! You don't want to get arrested for taking the law into your hands? Not a problem! You know why? Because it AIN'T REAL! It's a whole lot better than real, baby! It's virtual television: reality's worst nightmare!"

"Here's the deal: our chosen candidate - and everyone with a death-wish is free to apply, including men and women of either sex - our candidate, who we call, 'The ENFORCER', gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to terminate a whole Lotta slime-balls, and there's nothing anybody can do about it. You see what I mean? Because it all happening right here on VWBT; where the cops move over and the Enforcer takes over!"

"We have fourteen amazing race tracks in five totally different environments. We have cars, you'd sell every drop of blood in your body to own! We have exclusive contracts with five - yes, I said 'FIVE' vicious speed-gangs each with a 'pack-leader' you don't ever wanna meet. Believe me, I did and I still feel sick."

"Wait till you hear this! Every time you kill a pack-leader - and when I say "kill", I'm talking virtually, not reality, okay? In MegaRace, nobody actually dies - it just looks and feels like it, and that makes you feel a whole lot better about yourself, now doesn't it? Every time you kill a leader, you not only score big time, you also win some major bonus prizes. His personal music CD and his customized car are both yours!"

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