Metaltech Battledrome

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How to play Metaltech Battledrome

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Metaltech Battledrome Description

The player is competing against other players (over network) or against AI-players for local game. He must purchase the Herc chassis, generators, shields, servos as well as weapons and then challenge others to fight against him. During negotiation both parties can set stakes, in addition to independently calculated monetary prize for the winner, set fighting conditions, limit weaponry and then proceed to the battle.

The battle is carried out on the arena, limited in size by its borders. On the arena, two players compete tactically against each other and are overwatched by the flying referee bot, who assigns penalties (walking past arena borders) or can disqualify (in event, player uses forbidden weapon). Arena may contain variable type and amount of obstacles, gun turrets, lightning conditions and has variable size.

Unique to the Battledrome - is the model of energy distribution in the Herc. Each player can redistribute priority between engine, shield and weapons. Combined with weapon limitations, conditions met previously during negotiation phase between the players, Herc chassis qualities (some Hercs have stronger torso, yet weaker legs and vice versa) and arena hazards - this allows a variety of tactics: hit-and-run, outrun and cautious attack, direct assault, damage absorption with retaliation, outsmarting by weapon range and many others.

The fight ends based on condition defined during negotiation, typically with obliteration or surrender (which is time-delayed) of one of the players. The winner becomes prize as well as enemy bet, receives higher ranking and improves his reputation - which unlocks access to heavier Hercs, the loser must pay his stake and goes down the ranking ladder. Both parties have option to repair their Hercs, although the losing party may have drastically higher total repair costs due to the amount of damage taken.

If the player is able to maintain his Herc operational, he can challenge other players again. Otherwise, its a game over.

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Metaltech Battledrome - additional information

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