NASCAR Racing '94

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How to play NASCAR Racing '94

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

NASCAR Racing '94 Description

The first version of NASCAR Racing was released in the fall of 1994 for MS-DOS personal computers. It featured more than 25 of the 40 regular drivers in the 1994 NASCAR season.

The game let the player race with up to 33 other cars, and it also offered multiplayer action via direct links (one computer connected to another via a LAN) and also

It offered the ability to make "car sets" with the Paintshop, meaning one could make new paint schemes over the template of the car

Damage was realistically modeled, and the game included the ability to, for example, run yellow flags, run without damage, run full race distances (or any distance of your choosing).

NASCAR Racing included the following tracks: Michigan, Talladega, Loudon, Watkins Glen, Bristol, Martinsville, Atlanta, and Phoenix.

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