Spelling Jungle / Yobi's Basic Spelling Tricks

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How to play Spelling Jungle / Yobi's Basic Spelling Tricks

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Spelling Jungle / Yobi's Basic Spelling Tricks Description

Spelling Jungle is an educational adventure game created by Bright Star Technology and released by Sierra in 1993 for both Windows and Macintosh PCs. The program is designed to help strengthen reading and spelling skills in children ages 7-10.

The objective of Spelling Jungle is to stop the flooding of the river by paddling a raft up the river and stopping the flooding at its source. The player must make frequent stops in his journey and complete puzzles, where the player must walk over letter tiles in order to spell out a certain letter, avoiding enemies like lions, alligators, or demons, in order to advance farther up the river. The game features 101 levels total that become more difficult and complex as the player ventures farther upriver.

Spelling Jungle was also released under the name "Yobi's Magic Spelling Tricks" and "Yobi's Basic Spelling Tricks" a year earlier. It is also referred to as "Spelling Demons" in the game's owner's manual

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Game year
Also known as
"Yobi's Magic Spelling Tricks" -- Working title
"Yobi's Basic Spelling Tricks" -- Working title
"Dream Team: Basic Spelling Tricks" -- Original US (Brightstar) release title
Spelling Jungle Cover Art Windows 3.11