Police Quest 3: The Kindred

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How to play Police Quest 3: The Kindred

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Police Quest 3: The Kindred Description

Released in 1991 for SCI version 1, PQ3 is completely mouse-driven. It was only released for the IBM PC and the Amiga. After this game, Jim Walls left Sierra for reasons that have still not been publicly explained, and SWAT founder Daryl F. Gates was named to take over of the Police Quest series.

Sonny and Marie got married following Bains' death. Promoted once more, Sonny now has to deal with rampant crime as a drug cartel begins operating in Lytton and evidence of a satanic cult starts to appear. When Marie is stabbed in a mall parking lot, Sonny's police work becomes personal.

Sonny must deal with Pat Morales, his new partner who displays some questionable ethics and may be hiding something. He must also find patterns in a growing series of crimes to find his next lead. The Bains family also plays a role in this game.

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