Shaolin Campus King

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Press Keyboard right side: Alt+Enter keys to switch to full screen game play, and Alt+Enter keys to return.

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un-fighting, about which, however, can say to the last bit Americanized. This is another, so to speak, a clone MK has , in which you will not discover anything new. But American culture is here simply bulges out of the screen ...

So, our soldiers - is a university student named John Wayne.. It is listed in the US for the ideal of racial and ethnic proportions: some white, some blacks, necessarily - two women and two more fighter with an Asian appearance. Classic tournament on a "two wins in three rounds" should determine the most worthy in the university campus. By the way, one of the girls called Hell pretty much like a pleasant in all respects, American actress U.Turman.

Yes, the name of the game ... If you expect any regular revelations about Chinese martial arts, you will be sorely disappointed. In detail traced portraits of most of our champions unfriendly facial expressions, each wreath, every muscle tell us about the use of the most modern achievements of sports pharmacology. This, of course, somehow did not correlate with the Shaolin Temple, which is some misunderstanding mentioned in the title game. Perhaps the only one who looks a bit unsporting among all this beauty parade of the body - white fighter Morton: he with a beard and a slightly protruding belly forward.


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