Colors and Shapes with Hickory

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How to play Colors and Shapes with Hickory

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Colors and Shapes with Hickory Description

Hickory the mouse and Nat the firefly teach children age three to six basic colour and shape concepts.

When the player starts the game, he/she can select an area of the game to go to, e.g. the staircase or the mouse hole. Once an area is selected, instructions are given, and the player watches an animation of the actions on the screen before playing the activity on their own. A couple of activities have the ability to stretch or shrink the selected shape to make it fit for example. During an activity, Hickory will give the player feedback if he/she did it correctly or he/she needed to try again if a mistake is being made. Educational concepts involve colour and shape recognition, sorting/classifying and patterns.

Colors and Shapes with Hickory - additional information

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