Soccer Kid

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How to play Soccer Kid

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Soccer Kid Description

By pressing different buttons at the title screen, the player can change the colors of Soccer Kid's clothes. This way, the protagonist can be a fan of the player's favorite team. In addition, the player can perform various tricks with his soccer ball, either to jump higher or take out enemies. If the ball cannot be recovered naturally, the player can summon a new one to work with, at the cost of bonus points at the end of a stage. Enemies include animals, cyclists, sailors, and robots. Most levels consist of two stages that must be cleared, the exception being two levels which are just a single stage to get past. Each county has a different boss at the end of the final stage, such as an Opera Singer in Italy, with Scab being the final boss at the stadium. In order to get the cup pieces, the player has to find football cards in each stage, allowing them to access a bonus stage to acquire the missing piece.

The 3DO version of the game features a movie showing previews of games in development for the console. Most of these titles were cancelled, but one, entitled SkyVyper, would be released under the name BladeForce.

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