Super Solvers Gizmos and Gadgets

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How to play Super Solvers Gizmos and Gadgets

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Super Solvers Gizmos and Gadgets Description

Play Super Solvers, Gizmos, and Gadgets here on Classic Reload. The Shady Glen Technology Center's head scientist, Morty Maxwell, has relocated there and assumed control! It's up to you to accept Morty's challenge and demonstrate that you are a better scientist than him. Morty has locked the warehouse containing the science puzzles. By resolving the puzzles, you can demonstrate to him your depth of scientific knowledge. Then enter, locate the best auto parts, and construct vehicles more quickly than Morty can. Throw bananas at the chimps to trick them into taking a nap. Win each of the 15 challenge races by racing Morty. You will take back control of the Technology Center and become its chief scientist!

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Super Solvers Gizmos and Gadgets
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