Sword of Sodan Full Game

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How to play Sword of Sodan Full Game

Start = Pause
A = Drink Potion; Select potion while paused
B = Jump
C = Cut

Right + B = Turn Right
Left + B = Turn Left
Forward + B = Short Jump
Forward + hold B = Long Jump
Down + C = Low thrust
Forward + C = Thrust
Up + C = Chop

Sword of Sodan Full Game Description

You can now play the Sword of Sodan game online here on Classic Reload. Sword of Sodan, originally called Altered Beast, is a side-scrolling action game that focuses on semi-complex swordplay, a potion system, and traps. With 3, 5, or 7 lives, you have to pass seven stages fighting some cool medieval-stock enemies in a fantastical world. Show your moves and tactics by playing Sword of Sodan online. Have fun!

Sword of Sodan Full Game - additional information

Game year
Also known as
Sword of Sodan
Cover Art

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