The Lemmings Chronicles

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Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.


The Lemmings Chronicles (also known as 'All New World of Lemmings')
The gameplay in ANWoL has the following new features:

There are five skills that are available in each level, while others can be given when a lemming picks up an item. The five permanently available skills are:

Walk/Turn: The lemming will turn around, or stop working and start to walk again.
Blocker: For the remainder of the level or until commanded otherwise, the lemming will hold his position and act as a wall.
Jump: The lemming will make a short jump.
Use item: The lemming will start to use the item he picked up.
Drop item: The lemming will drop the item he has.

Other items/skills (for digging, building, climbing, etc.) are available as little blocks that a lemming will pick up when he finds it. Only this lemming can be told to use this item. Builders and diggers now have the option of working in multiple directions, as can be specified by the player.

The player also has the ability to pick out a selected lemming who will then follow the commands given, without having to be clicked on every time.

The following monsters can be found in levels:

Potato Beast: Will walk around and kill any lemming it comes across.
Psycho Buzzard: Will fly down on a lemming and kill it.
Lemme Fatale: Will make a nearby lemming lovestruck and have him commit suicide.
Mole: More or less friendly, will start digging diagonal tunnels.

A new "replay" mode allows a player to automatically redo everything done before in a level, with the option to continue playing at any given point. Practice levels are available including every available item to experiment with.


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Psygnosis Limited
The Lemmings Chronicles - Cover Art - All New World of Lemmings

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