Tintin in Tibet

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Press Keyboard right side: Alt+Enter keys to switch to full screen game play, and Alt+Enter keys to return.

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How to play Tintin in Tibet

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Tintin in Tibet Description

Tintin in Tibet is a video game based on Tintin in Tibet from the series The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. Was one of a series of two games released, the other being Prisoners of the Sun. It was released for PC (MS-DOS and Windows 95), Super NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and the Sega Mega Drive by the late 1995.

Tintin in Tibet - additional information

Game year
Also known as
"Tintin nel Tibet" -- Italian title
"Tintin i Tibet" -- Danish/Swedish title
"Tintin en el Tibet" -- Spanish title
"Tintin au Tibet" -- French title
"Tintim no Tibet" -- Portugese title
"Tim in Tibet" -- German title
"Kuifje in Tibet" -- Dutch title
Cover Art
Tintin in Tibet - Cover Art DOS