Violent Vengeance: The Universe Hero

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How to play Violent Vengeance: The Universe Hero

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Violent Vengeance: The Universe Hero Description

A little-known company Accend against other Taiwanese developer looks at something, even revolutionary. They were among the first used engine Build to create a "shooter" with a first-person, and even in the entourage of the ancient Chinese martial arts. It was called a game of The Legend is of the Paladines of Seven (1994). In the same 1994, the company has developed more good fighting under the name of The Universe Hero - about it and will be discussed in this description.

The end of the XXI century, the Milky Way ... In the last century to the Galaxy rolled a large number of murderous wars. But now - for the sake of peace and the maintenance of stability - all the warring parties have decided to conclude an agreement on holding so-called "sports Wars", which became a kind of substitute for the usual battles at their canon sense with combat lasers and space cruisers. Now, on the basis of this memorandum are the best fighters converge once a year in an uncompromising battle for the right to possession of the title -宇宙英雄, «Hero of the Universe." Yes ... such incredible heights of greatness of spirit does not seem to have achieved more in the fighting game: sounds snobbish, than even the "Lord of the Galaxy." But that's not all. The winner automatically gets the post of the President of the Space Federation (宇宙盟主). And now, to fight for is the honorary chair for the tournament once again brought together hundreds of the best fighters from different star systems ...

Well, it is a large-scale plot complication. But expect a cheerful alien zoo as it was in the game Xenophage , from the creation of this, unfortunately, is not necessary. A total of 10 men of various origins. Basically, these are people, anthropoids, there are even three female. From exotic tournament participants there are man-lion (南姆西), vampire demonёnok (藍西洛) and green guest from alien worlds (巴斯德), a leading, apparently, a water way of life. All fighters are good, each have their own stands out strengths and weaknesses. Many people use bundles of energy as superataki, and some - edged weapon. Green alien general can instantly turn into a dangerous multi-colored bubbles. Management here is extremely simple. A, D, X, W - move, attack - the Tab, protection - backward movement (this configuration is suitable for the keyboard player to the left). Superataka activated by a combination of: forward + + back kick (D + A + Tab). If suddenly a player hitting under the pernicious influence of the ideas of "non-resistance to evil," begins a fight with his hands, then such a pacifist after about 10 seconds really is already on the floor in full "sedated". Yes, there is quite stiff and dynamic model of damage, so that fans of the genre will be very interesting. Character for the tournament, you can choose any. It seems that the computer opponent chooses, not randomly, but in tough preset algorithm (scenario). Start tournament - menu item (開始游戲). Incidentally, the interface is very "nimble" and convenient, then felt the familiar "shuterny" style development. Signs of the implementation of the game mode for two was not seen in the menu. Rules - the classic three rounds of 100 seconds, to win you need to make two knockout opponent.

Violent Vengeance: The Universe Hero - additional information

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Yuzhou Yingxiong
Violent Vengeance
Universe Hero, The
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파이날 카운터
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