Weird Island

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How to play Weird Island

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Weird Island Description

Weird Island is a single-player adventure game with visuals that is available as shareware. The premise of the game is that several centuries ago, five galley slaves—one of them was your ancestor—washed ashore on a tropical island. You and your family now possess a paradise island that is passed down from one line of descendants to the next once every 100 years. The former owner, who was supposed to share the good news, has vanished, so a law firm transmitted it on their behalf.

Seven little windows, one for each of the following: chat answers, the picture, game instructions, sentence building, movement, an inventory window, and an item window, are present on the game screen. To perform an action, the player must first press the appropriate command key, followed by the appropriate number in the inventory, or click the corresponding boxes on the screen. Play Weird Island and enjoy yourself!

Weird Island - additional information

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