Big Top's Cartoon Toolbox

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How to play Big Top's Cartoon Toolbox

Keroppi Day Hopper serial number: TSO6-7775-P9DT

Big Top's Cartoon Toolbox Description

Big Top's Cartoon Toolbox: Includes Felix The Cat's Cartoon Toolbox, Hello Kitty: Big Fun Deluxe and Keroppi Day Hopper
The Felix The Cat Cartoon Toolbox was developed and published by Big Top Productions, Inc. and released in 1994. This CD-ROM application allowed people to create their own Saturday morning cartoons. The software was developed by Big Top and the character Felix the Cat was licensed from Felix the Cat Productions. The characters were based on the 1950s version of Felix with The Professor, Rock Bottom, Poindexter, Master Cylinder and Vavoom.

Big Top's Cartoon Toolbox - additional information

Game year
Developed by
Also known as
Keroppi Day Hopper
Hello Kitty: Big Fun Deluxe
Felix The Cat's Cartoon Toolbox
Cover Art
Hello Kitty: Big Fun Deluxe - Cover Art Windows 3.11