Marty And The Trouble With Cheese

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Marty And The Trouble With Cheese is an interactive storybook for young, pre-school, children. The game was interactive, not because it had hotspots that the child could click on, but because it came with a microphone and at various points in the story the child could talk/shout at the screen.

In a big old house, underneath the grandfather clock there's a hole, it's there that Marty and his family live in their little mouse house. The story is set on Marty's birthday, he volunteers to go to the kitchen of the big house to get some cheese, however when he gets it it is stolen by a crow, Marty gives chase and the story unfolds from there. During the story Marty will cross a river with help from some frogs, meet a chameleon and try to avoid the house cat.,

The main menu has three options for the children;

Tell The Story: Here the story plays like a cartoon with the narrator telling the story and the characters talking to each other etc.
Let's Play: This mode starts off just like 'tell The Story' but there are points along the way where the child interacts via the microphone. An early one comes when it is time to wake Marty up, if there's no working microphone then the player cannot progress in the game.
Maryland Map: This is an in-game device to allow players to skip to chapters of the story

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Windows 3.x
Game year: 
Maxis Software Inc.
Developed by: 
Ellicott Creek Software
Also known as: 
"Marty Mouse And The Trouble With Cheese" -- title used in the Windows 3.1 installation

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