Greg Norman's Shark Attack!: The Ultimate Golf Simulator

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Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.


Eight man-years of development resulted in this detailed recreation of golf, endorsed by one of the great players of the 1980s. Two courses are included, with 3D modeling of the effects of ball lie and swing style. You can disable ball effects to make it more straightforward, and weather and wind effects are optional.

Match play and stroke play are included, as are Fourball, Foursome and Greensome modes for 4 players in 2 teams of two, as well as a practice mode. The game is played from a 3D perspective, with an overhead view before each shot.

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Amiga OS
Game year: 
Melbourne House
Developed by: 
Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd.
Greg Norman's Shark Attack!: The Ultimate Golf Simulator - Cover Art Amiga
Also known as: 
"Ultimate! Golf" -- European title

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SEGA Genesis 1992
DOS 1992
PC Booter 1985
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Atari 2600 1982