Crazy Gravity

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The premise of Crazy Gravity is simple: The player controls a space shuttle which has the assignment to transport containers to a certain platform. The special gimmick of the game is that the space shuttle is only controlled by accelerating. It is steered left or right by turning the engine in the right direction. The gravity constantly drags the ship downwards and has to be compensated.

The game is set in an underground cave system and touching the walls means death. Several obstacles hamper the tasks: Sluices which only open in one direction, locked doors which have to be opened with the right keys, stationary weapons which shoot in a set direction and magnets which drag the ship in an unpleasant direction. The player also has to consider the fuel and the time limit. The game has 20 levels, five difficulty levels and a level editor.

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Windows 9.x
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XLM Software
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XLM Software

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