Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi

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How to play Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi Description

Wing Commander II - Vengeance of the Kilrathi is a space action simulation of the Wing Commander series of Origin Systems . It appeared a year after his predecessor in 1991, exclusively for DOS . The principal reason for the development of the game was as before Chris Roberts . This put for Wing Commander II much greater emphasis on telling an interactive story. The game continues the story of the player character of the first part. In defense against the Kilrathi, it is important to make the secret location of the Kilrathi headquarters Enigma sector identified. In addition to the aggressors but also threatens an unknown saboteur and spy under occupation mission success.

Wing Commander II corresponds playful as technically largely the predecessor. The game sets but much stronger than the first part of the narrative of an ongoing action. This eliminates the branched tree mission of its predecessor in favor of a linear script with little freedom of decision. Wing pilots in combat can not die, but operate in extreme damage to the ejection seat. except staged launches in the context of the script. The promotions and decorations as in the predecessor have been taken out of the game.

After the first conflict with the Kilrathi the "Tiger's Claw" 2656 operates in Enigma sector and is planning a campaign that has the detection and destruction of secret Kilrathi Space Base "K'tithrak Mang" goal. But it falls to the attack of a new type of stealth hunters prey. Few previously transferred pilots escaped the destruction. The player character, whose name can be determined by the player as in the predecessor itself - in later parts he is canonically identified as Christopher "Maverick" Blair -, survived because he was at the time of the attack on patrol. But Admiral Tolwyn is of the opinion that he was a traitor and thus responsible for the destruction of the carrier ship. When he refuses to sign a voluntary resignation, he is unceremoniously demoted and relocated to guard duty at a remote outpost. 2665 he has his past as a flying ace almost forgotten, appear as kilrathische hunters in the sector and bring the intricate in a rearguard action "TCS Concordia" Tolwyns flagship, to the brink of extinction. By saving the carrier of the player character reaches its readmission into the active pilot service and is transferred to the "Concordia".

Blair met aboard the "Concordia" old acquaintance, as the pilot Jeannette "Angel" Devereaux, Mariko "Spirit" Tanaka, Zachary "Jazz" Colson or overflowed Kilrathi Ralgha "Hobbes" nar Hhallas (cf.. Action of the add-ons Wing Commander - The Secret Missions 2 ). Angel and the player character come to this in more detail in the course of the game. The other plot of the game revolves around the search for the space station "K'tithrak Mang", the new stealth technology the Kilrathi and a traitor in the ranks of the "Concordia" crew behavior, of sabotaging the operation of the carrier repeatedly. Even though the player character repeatedly encounters stealth fighters in the campaign, it may due to the destruction or malfunction of its black box provided no evidence for his assertions long time. During the game eventually turns Jazz as the traitor who are interested in the failure of the "Tiger's Claw" in saving the Goddard colony before destruction attack the Kilrathi (see plot of the add-ons. Wing Commander - The Secret Missions ) which his brother fell victim wants revenge on all those involved. The player character can eventually prove during the missions the existence of the stealth fighter, making the location of "K'tithrak Mang" seek out and destroy the station in the final of the game. He defeats the possibility Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka that ultimately, however, escape alive.

In addition to this canonical end there is an alternative Endszenario at weak player performance, stating that the "Concordia" returns in the Gwynedd system and destroyed a large attack force, the course has made to the solar system. "K'tithrak Mang" is not destroyed in this case.

The starfighters only one type was taken over from the predecessor. Instead, four new types of hunters have been added, including a so-called bomber with three gun stations that can be operated by the player in action also. When arming torpedoes and called Chaff pods were added. The latter are used against enemy missiles, torpedoes, however, are the only effective offensive weapon against capital ships or space stations.

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