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How to play Looping

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Looping Description

Looping is an exhilarating arcade action game designed for one or two players. Your ultimate objective is to skillfully guide a plane from the runway to a designated docking station. This thrilling journey comprises multiple screens that must be conquered. In the initial area, your task is to obliterate a rocket, thereby unlocking the gate to the next section. However, beware of enemy balloons and treacherous city terrain that impede your progress! Once you've triumphantly passed through the gate, you will find yourself navigating a challenging maze composed of intricate pipes. While this segment lacks adversaries out to destroy you, take care not to collide with the walls! By remaining in the maze for extended periods or by flying at higher speeds, you can earn bonus points. As you approach the end of the pipe maze, the docking station will come into view. At this stage, you'll encounter various obstacles such as twinkle monsters, green drops, and bouncing balls, all of which pose a threat and will swiftly end your plane's journey upon contact. Successfully reaching the goal unlocks a more formidable skill level, ensuring continuous excitement and challenge.

Enjoy the thrilling gameplay of Looping on Classic Reload! To dive into this captivating adventure, simply press 5 to insert credits or coins, press 1 to select, and utilize the arrow keys for movement. Execute actions using Alt or Ctrl. Prepare yourself for a high-flying experience, maneuvering through obstacles, and displaying your mastery of flight. Embrace the challenge and savor the excitement that Looping has to offer.

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