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Wolfpack is a World War II submarine simulator published by Brøderbund in the 1990s, for use on the PC, Apple Macintosh and other platforms. It simulates combat actions between wolfpacks of German U-boats and convoys of Allied destroyers and merchant vessels in the Second Battle of the Atlantic.

The player can choose to command either side, the wolfpack or the convoy, with the computer controlling the enemy vessels. At any time the player may take command of any vessel in his group, including of the tankers and freighters which each carry a single gun. Each vessel can be set to remain on course or at rest, or to act under computer control while the player controls another vessel.

The game allows the player to choose between different levels of tactical complexity. The player can simply command one submarine, or one a time, or issue orders and command the operations of the entire group. He can order a vessel to patrol a certain path, laid out using the mouse with the map screen, or to anchor at a certain point, or take other actions. The user can also create new missions, choosing initial locations, orders, and patrol routes for vessels on both sides.

The player can choose to run the simulation in real-time, or increase the speed by up to 32 times, allowing the ships to cross large distances in a reasonable time. The simulation automatically slows to real-time when at important times such as when shots are fired.


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