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1869 is a strategy and economics trading game developed and released by the Austrian company Max Design in 1992.[1]

Music was composed by Hannes Seifert for the Adlib OPL sound card.

The game is played by managing a trading company during the golden age of clipper ships, purchasing goods at one port, moving them to another and selling them at a profit. Passengers can also be transported on certain ships.

Additional bonus revenues can be earned from running naval blockades, shipping tea to England or making a priority goods delivery.


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Game year: 
Max Design GesMBH
Developed by: 
Max Design GesMBH
1869 DOS Cover Art
Also known as: 
"1869: History Experience Part I" -- Ingame English-language title
"1869: Hart am Wind!" -- German title
"1869: Erlebte Geschichte Teil I" -- Alternate German title (on back cover)

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