Lost Dutchman Mine

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Lost Dutchman Mine is a non-linear adventure game which puts the player in the role of a gold miner, circa 1860. The game was sort of a one-hit wonder for its publisher, Magnetic Images, and became well-known for its breezy, free-flowing nature.

The player was free to roam around the desert and town at will, with an almost The Sims-esque play structure (you need to eat, you need to sleep, you need to make money). Tasks were accomplished in a variety of ways, including panning for gold in a river, playing poker, acting as sheriff, fishing, hunting, etc. The game was also notable for the fact that on each playing, the entire structure of the game changed- the map, the characters you'd meet, etc.

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Amiga OS
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Magnetic Images
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Magnetic Images
Lost Dutchman Mine - Cover Art Amiga

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