Mystery Master: Murder by the Dozen

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Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.


Become a police detective and solve 12 murders in Micropolis. Players interview witnesses, gather evidence, and sift through lab reports to get the clues they need to solve each case. Each action, particularly traveling between locations, adds time to the game clock.

One to four people can play, competing to see who solves the mystery first and in the optimum amount of time. After the case is presented, players take turns choosing an option, getting a clue number, and then looking it up in the manual. Once a player thinks they have it solved, they present their solution to the others. Then he looks up the complete solution. If it's 100% right, he wins and the players start on a new case. If any detail is wrong, he's out of the game and the others continue toward a solution. (Note the computer requires player honesty when asking if he got it right nor not.)

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Apple II
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CBS Software
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BrainBank, Inc.

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