Armor Alley

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How to play Armor Alley

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Armor Alley Description

Armor Alley is a computer game for DOS and Mac OS, with gameplay patterned after the Apple II game Rescue Raiders. Play is against either the computer or other humans in a LAN environment. The game supports cooperative multiplayer of up to two players per side.

The player controls a helicopter armed with limited munitions, such as missiles, bombs, machine guns, and napalm. As the player requisitions them, computer-controlled tanks, infantry, engineers, mobile missile platforms, and vans round out available firepower.

The objective is to assist deployed units, with the player's helicopter, in their efforts to destroy an opposing base at the opposite end of the play area. The enemy possesses the same arsenal as the player, so tactics and convoy composition are vital. Only the van, which contains electronic warfare equipment, can achieve victory by coming into contact with the enemy base. Its armor is quite weak, so these units must be protected at all times.

War funds slowly trickle into a spending account that allows purchase of units. Each unit has an associated cost. For example, a spare helicopter costs 20 and a van 2. The player must spend carefully to ensure the purchase of equipment as needed. The farther the helicopter is from its landing pad, the higher the rate of funding.

Players may use infantry to capture bunkers to secure progress. The other player's funds can be stolen by parachuting infantry into the bunker beyond their base.

Engineers will not attempt to occupy bunkers, but can repair destroyed gun emplacements. Transporting engineers by air forces them to abandon their equipment, turning them into regular infantry.

Tanks are the most powerful mobile ground unit. They are armed with machine guns, cannons, and on higher levels, flamethrowers.

Missile launchers are automated vehicles armed with one smart missile each. When an enemy helicopter that is not already targeted by a missile comes into range, the vehicle will launch its missile and self-destruct.

Vans, besides destroying the enemy base, will jam the enemy helicopter's radar when sufficiently close.

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