Mouse Trap

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How to play Mouse Trap

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Mouse Trap Description

Mouse Trap is an arcade action game similar to Pac-Man. You control a mouse in a maze; your goal is to eat all of the bits of cheese in order to score points and move on to the next maze. Wandering throughout the maze are several cats who are trying to catch you! Your mouse has the ability to temporarily turn into a dog and be able to chase the cats. To do so, however, he will need to eat the dog bones which are located throughout the maze. The maze also contains numerous doors. The mouse can move these doors to reconfigure the maze in an attempt to outsmart the cats.

Mouse Trap - additional information

Arcade Mouse Trap
ColecoVision Mouse Trap
Game year
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Also known as
"Mousetrap" -- In-game title
Cover Art
Mouse Trap  - Atari 2600 Cover Art