Chem Lab

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Everything in the world is made of matter, from your old blue
jeans to the big blue sea.

All matter is made up of about one hundred basic chemicals,
called elements.

Everything (yes, everything) can be made by combining these
elements in different ways to make chemicals, which make —
you guessed it — matter!

And that’s what chemistry is all about.

Take the chemicals in your body, for instance. Theoretically, by
mixing and rearranging them, you could create almost
anything— from a redwood tree to a black leather jacket. But it’s
a little impractical — not to mention messy — to try this in your
living room.

That’s where Chem Lab comes in: You can perform experiments
with your trusty computer, and this program does all the dirty
work for you. You don’t have to worry about dissolving the cat or
blowing up the new drapes. That should save you a few hassles!

Try it and see. Choose an experiment. Mix some chemicals.
Heat them, pressurize them, and watch what happens. They
might give off waves of heat or light; they might crack a glass or
even cause an explosion — on your computer screen, that is.

Get ready. You’ll need every ounce of brainpower you can
find. But just between you and your computer: The main thing is
to have fun and see what you can discover. Pretty smart, huh?

And your parents will think that all you’re doing is improving
your mind!

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Commodore 64
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Simon & Schuster Interactive
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