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How to play Transarctica

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Transarctica Description

Transarctica (or Arctic Baron) is a 1993 computer game made by the French company Silmarils for the Amiga and ported to at least the PC. Its translation to English was rather haphazard.

In the 21st century, mankind is being ravaged by the greenhouse effect. A last-ditch effort to counteract it is designed and executed. It works far too well.

Centuries if not millennia later, the planet is entirely covered in a thick, opaque cloud layer. Giant wolf packs roam the frozen wastes, and the mammoth has re-emerged from the elephant stock. Mankind ekes out a living in a few handfuls of settlements, connected by a network of massive armored trains. The network in turn is in the hands of the gargantuan Viking Union, which is merciless towards threats to its power. A few radicals, though, are willing to attempt a change, and managing to hijack a train of the Union, the Transarctica, they set out in search of the "sun".

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