Millenium Warriors

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How to play Millenium Warriors

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Millenium Warriors Description

According to ancient Iridani law, the first born son of the Great Galactic Emperor has to participate in a Test of Arms to become Prince of the Southern Nebular and become first in line to the throne. You are Prince Kronos and your father is Iridon I and the time has come for you to take the test which means being transported to the toughest battlefield in the Universe, Earth. You have to visit five time zones and fight an opponent from each era in a one-on-one fight with a weapon to pass the test. The time zones are Caveman, Knights, Arabian, Pirates and a final battle in space.

Each fight is seen from the side with each zone shown on the whole of the screen. There are two styles of game, a beat-em-up or a shooter. The Caveman, Knights and Pirates zones are all beat-em-ups and sees your hero with a weapon from that era. You have one attack but you can defend your opponents attacks as well. The Arabian and Space are shooters with each fighter facing each other on a magic carpet or wearing a jet-pack. Fireballs or lasers are fired at each other and when an opponent is beaten in a zone then you move to the next one until all are defeated.

As the fights progress, there are three gauges to keep an eye on, Energy, Health and Weapon. The Energy gauge decreases every time you move or use your weapon. When you stop moving or using your weapon then it slowly increases. The Health gauge decreases every time you are hit by your opponent but items appear on screen which can be collected to increase it and you can also collect items to increase your energy. When either gauge have reached zero then you lose the fight but you get two more attempts to defeat your opponent. The weapon gauge will decrease when you use your weapon. When this reaches zero then you lose your weapon and leave you defenceless but one will appear and can be collected.

Before you play the game there are various options that can be selected. Once fights have been won then that zone can be selected, you can choose your difficulty level (1-3), and either a one, two player game or a demo. Two player game sees you fighting in each zone and once a victor has emerged then both players fight in the next zone.

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