Cheonha Mujeok

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How to play Cheonha Mujeok

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Cheonha Mujeok Description

Korean fighting game, simple but very colorful. Comparing games of this genre, published in Taiwan and the Republic of Korea, involuntarily have to admit that the quality of Korean seriously exceeds the Taiwanese in many ways. This applies to both the gameplay and graphics. Despite its simplicity, the game has even a small intriguing plot ...

People around the world have decided to unite into a single nation. But human malice gone nowhere, and with time because of the unrest was created a threat of destruction of all that has been created in society. To maintain peace and the rule of law, it was decided to form a super-modern police force. And in the place of the head of the department made a qualifying competition ... no, more - qualifying tournament. Eight fighters in uncompromising battles would have to identify the strongest and at the same time a worthy candidate for the post of head of the new police department. Here is such a cohesive story.

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Cheonha Mujeok - Cover Art DOS