Delta V

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How to play Delta V

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Delta V Description

Each mission involved flying a virtual craft along a single predetermined path represented by a trench in virtual space. The trench and the space immediately around it was peppered with obstacles of various shapes and sizes, including helixes and narrow gates. Hitting an obstacle would send the craft back a small distance and take some hot points off the armor. Attempting to avoid obstacles by leaving the trench area, or by scraping the bottom of the trench also results in damage.

Various kinds of small enemy fighter and turret drones despatched in swarms by the target system's security would unleash the occasional stream of fire in the attempt to damage the craft's armor. These could be taken down for points. Also, automated security drones in later levels attempt to shoot down the craft, and must have their cannons disabled in order to proceed with the mission. Enemy bosses occasionally make an appearance, and must also be neutralized to proceed with the mission. Certain system targets on the banks of the trench can be hit in order to procure valuable data, energy or shield power by flying into them.

Missions goals include scouting, stealing enemy data and destroying major enemy craft. Mission targets are automatically indicated and locked onto on approach by the Artemis targeting device, and are usually described. Prior to each mission, the player may choose their primary and secondary weapons (other than standard energy-expensive homing torpedoes that come with the craft) from a virtual armory that is added to when research comes up with new weapons (helped along by aforementioned stolen data). Research also comes up with useful devices from time to time, such as one that converts energy to shields, and so on.

Character development is shallow, but the game does feature a few characters that repeat, such as a boss, trainee who the player must mentor, and enemies with grudges. Mission briefing and debriefing often contain important information. The briefing room comes with a feature to view and rotate mission targets and bosses in 3D.

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