Episode 58 - The Ruin of Roib

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How to play Episode 58 - The Ruin of Roib

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Episode 58 - The Ruin of Roib Description

Beta v3 changes from v2.

*fixed the top left-hand corner of the 'blue shell' tiles (had foreground/background problems)
*changed a few small things in some levels.
*fixed keen shooting through 1 tile wide walls.
*fixed keen's shooting upward hitbox (couldn't shoot upward on sloped floors before).
*fixed a bunch of tile issues in various levels.
*made unused sounds small, to save a bit of memory.
*tiny bit of changing with a few of the used sounds (mostly unnoticable).
*added a Hazards page and a Contents page to the 'About Game' computerwrist section, aswell as fixing/changing around a few things in the computerwrist.
*fixed/changed the ending in Roib Palace so hopefully you can't jump over King Gak anymore.
*fixed the boss's smoke from staying still while offscreen.
*fixed/changed the moving platforms a bit.
*made the island that has the scoreboard level bigger (had some error where Keen would get dumped into the river when exiting that level).
*made the 'gem trees' animate/glow.
*messed around a bit with the Kreeg's shot so hopefully theres no chance it hangs around in memory, possibly causing problems.
*Fixed the Kreeg from spinning in the air after shooting on an edge (now he falls off and continues walking).
*changed the drone's movements a bit (mostly unnoticable).
*Cut a sliver out of levels 4 (Abandoned Tower) and 13 (Gleam City) to save on memory. Changed Gleam City a bit in response.
*added music to the intro which continues on to the 'star wars' story, which is a new song added (now also in the BWB Megarocket mini level).
*made the vertical roaches randomly pause a bit while walking (trying to give it a bit more realistic motion)
*managed to cut out 10 frames from the Keen sprite to save on memory (plus you can't really notice), also lessened some frame's motion quality, also for memory.
*made the hitbox for the yakki's speech bubbles more reasonable/better.
*cleaned up some of the background graphics.
*slightly changed keen facing right sprite graphic (changed his arm).
*edited the graphic for the corner scorebox.

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