Jason Jupiter, Star Cadet

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How to play Jason Jupiter, Star Cadet

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Jason Jupiter, Star Cadet Description

Jason Jupiter, Star Cadet is a platform game for the MS-DOS PC written by Neil A. Drage and published on a cover disk of the magazine PC Plus in 1989. It uses color ASCII graphics. Drage has stated that it was inspired by the Sinclair Spectrum games Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.

In spite of its simplicity, the game has enjoyed lasting popularity and has been recently remade as online Java port.

It was followed by a sequel, Jason Jupiter II.

Jason Jupiter has been called in on the deadly mission of
decontaminating the planet Shufti-Arquar III by the Galactic
Federation. The fragments of radioactove borxidium naturally form the
shape of a golden heart when open to the air.

Unfortunately Jason couldn't get to the planet quick enough
to stop some of the creatures on Shufti-Arquar III becoming
terribly mutated and ferocious. The main offender is called the
Glutanous-Green-Groted-Gronge. This wasn't the most friendly
creature in the first place, but now its too ferocious to describe.
(By the way don't let its name deceive you, it's Purple).
Another mutation that will cause Jason a problem is a plant called
the Horrible-Herbaceous-Headeating-Honkhider. One touch from
this and it gets the taste of your flesh.

You can control Jason Jupiter by using these keys:

, = Jason moves left
. = Jason moves right
<shift>, = Jason jumps left
<shift>. = Jason jumps right

and some extra keys that may be useful:

q = Quits the game
d = Turns the sound off
s = Turns the sound on

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