Keen 10: Mirror Menace

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How to play Keen 10: Mirror Menace

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Keen 10: Mirror Menace Description

The story continues where Battle of the Brains left off. After saving the universe from Mortimer McMire Keen made his way back to home with his friends. They were flying when Lt. Barker told Keen a blue vortex is coming behind them. Unfortunately, it sucked them in and after a short landing they founded themselves on a planet that's similar to Shikadus I.

Keen explores Planet Zenux
Keen repairs The Central Workshop
Keen debugs the Computer Room
Keen circles the Zenuxian Ringdom
Keen is cautious in the Dangerous Goods Store
Keen beams by the Laser Lab
Keen reflects on entering the Beam Building Block
Keen shines in the Prismatic Palace
Keen stumbles upon the Pyramid of Zenux
Keen spies on the Secret Hideout
Commander and Collapser duel by the Beat-with-Boxing Megarocket!
Keen dukes it out in the Toxic Dump
Keen starts out from his Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket
Keen sparkles through the Crystalite
Keen speedily surfs through the Shattered Space Station
Keen shoots through Turret Town
Keen discovers the Collapser Clubhouse
Keen squishes past The Swamp
There's no way Keen should be in the High Scores

Keen 10: Mirror Menace - additional information

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