Marooned on Mars - Galaxy mod

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How to play Marooned on Mars - Galaxy mod

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Marooned on Mars - Galaxy mod Description

This mod is a remake of Keen 1: Marooned on Mars. It is notable for being the first full mod conversion from the old classic Keen 1 game - remade and merged - into the Galaxy engine.

In this episode, aliens from the planet Vorticon VI find out about the eight year-old genius and plan his destruction. While Keen is out exploring the mountains of Mars, the Vorticons steal vital parts of his ship and take them to distant Martian cities! Keen must explore the planet, fight the Martians and their Butler Robots and Tank Robots, find the members of this Vorticon outpost and wrest the parts back from their wicked, clawed hands!

The four parts are the Joystick (for manual flight control), the Car Battery (for electrical systems power), the Vacuum Cleaner (reworked as an ion propulsion unit) and the Everclear (alcohol for fuel).

Keen explores Mars
Keen bursts into the Border Town
Keen visits the First Red Rock Shrine
Keen robs the Treasury
Keen travels to the Capital City
Keen prays in the Pogo Shrine
Keen crawls through the Second Red Rock Shrine
Keen sees his reflections in the Emerald City
Keen slides through the Ice City
Keen trots into the Third Red Rock Shrine
Keen shivers along the First Ice Shrine
Keen strides into the Fourth Red Rock Shrine
Keen marches into the Fifth Red Rock Shrine
Keen finds his way through the Red Maze City
Keen investigates the Secret City
Keen slips through the Second Ice Shrine
Keen bursts into Vorticon Commander's Castle

Marooned on Mars - Galaxy mod - additional information

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